School Vision & Ethos


Our Mission

Together we inspire and challenge children to develop socially, emotionally and academically with a love for learning and the skills to excel throughout their lives

How is this unique to Milburn Primary School?

A love of learning

Every child is unique with their own talents, personalities and interests.  Our small school ensures we are able to make learning engaging, interesting and exciting while celebrating each child as part of our family and taking pride in their own and others achievements.  We know each child in depth and can unlock their interests and passion.

A focus on development

Our unique school benefits from a lead teacher and skilled teaching assistant who ensure that each child has a secure understanding of reading, writing and maths as well as a broad curriculum with rich and memorable experiences.   Our teacher to child ratio means we can tailor learning to ensure each child is nutured academically and socially. 

Enabling all to excel

Our small size enables us to ensure that every child is valued and learning and experiences are personalised to meet their interests and needs.  But our size does not mean we limit our expectations or aspirations.  We inspire and challenge our children to reach out and believe.  Our small number means we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel.

Our Vision

What do we want for children at the end of their unique Milburn learning experience?

Our vision is for children to go on to the next stage of their life as;

  • Intelligent & Articulate learners with the knowledge and skills for leading a successful life 
  • Enterprising & active learners that are willing to take risks and explore our diverse world
  • Open Minded & outward looking learners that can respond to challenge and believe