Class 1 



MacMillan Coffee Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who came to our coffee afternoon. It was great to have so many people attend. We raised a fantastic £167.

Paper Making

Fossil Dig

The children loved digging for fossils this morning. 

Dino Park

Raaaaaahhhhh!!! We all had a great day today at Dino Park, Dumfries. The children were able to see some of their favorite dinosaurs, became archaeologist and discovered a saber tooth tiger and test out our physical development in the Dino play area.

A postcard from Greece

The children were very excited to receive their first postcard today all the way from Greece. We can't wait to receive more. I wonder where they will come from next. 

Basketball Coaching

Plum Crumble

Thank you to Emma Gray for the homegrown plums. The children had a great time cutting and cooking them. The crumble was delicious.


Today we have been exploring how we can be kind to our world.

Conker Hunt

'We're going on a conker hunt. We're going to find a big one. What a beautiful day. We're not scared. Uh oh.....

A fantastic discovery

The children have had a great time exploring how to use a violin which we found in school.

Appleby Sports

We are very proud of all our children today. They all put in a fantastic performance.

Canoeing on Ullswater

What an amazing day we have had canoeing on Ullswater today. Our youngest children were amazing at rowing and really enjoyed being out on the water.

Lakes Aquarium and Fell Foot Park

Making Music

Virtual Reality Headsets

The children have been exploring under the ocean today. We even encountered a great white shark.

Library Visit

Today we had a visit from the library service. We listened to some lovely stories, chose new books and even checked out our own books.

Sailing on Ullswater

We have had a great day learning to sail on Ullswater today. 


Today we have explored space in our very own planetarium. It was great to have some of the pre-school children join us.

Forest School

Gardening with Ina

Well done to our winning gardener and thanks again to Ina for helping the children plant their bulbs, teaching them how to care for them and then coming back today to judge your favourite.


WOW! Our youngest pupils are definitely future archery Olympians .

Creating our Train

All children have worked together to create our own train!

Experimenting with Colours

We have been learning about colours and capacities. Both children have practiced mixing the coloured water and ordering them from full to empty.  

Penrith Fire Station

Both children loved visiting Penrith Fire Station today. We saw each part of the fire engine and got to use the fire hose!

Children In Need

We have been learning about Children in Need and Pudsey Bear! Children have made puppets, head bands and masks.

Bonfire Night in Class 1!

On the 5th of November we learnt about Bonfire Night. Children made pictures with chalk, firework sensory bottles and constructed their own fireworks.  


We enjoyed bulb planting in the village with Ina, we particularly liked the pond!

The Princess and the Dragon Role Play

We read the story "The Princess and the Dragon", children dressed up as the characters in class.

Pumpkin Train Station!

This week we're learning about Halloween. We have constructed our own Pumpkin Railway!

Photography Lesson

All of the children have enjoyed their own photography lessons in the forest.

Our Autumn Walk

We walked to the forestry area and found lots of nature items for our classroom.

Autumn Leaf Printing

Children have been exploring texture in Class 1, we loved creating these brilliant prints with leaves.

The Three Little Pigs Role Play

This week we have been learning about "The Three Little Pigs". Children have made their own puppets and brick house in class, so the wolf doesn't blow it down!

Woodland Counting

Children have been learning about woodland animals, we practiced counting them around the classroom. 

Building Role Play

We loved fixing things around the classroom this morning.