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"I love my school because it is fun and easy to make friends and you learn loads!" Boris (10)          "Our school is special because it has great teachers that are friendly and help me learn."  James (10)           "Milburn is a very small school so we get to do lots of fun lessons that help me to learn things easier and the school meals are delicious!" Eboni (10)                "I like my School because it is fun.  My teachers are kind and caring.  They help me with my maths."  Fletcher (8)          "I Like school and playing with my friends." O (Reception)


A love of learning

Every child is unique, with their own talents, personalities and interests.  Our small school ensures we are able to make learning engaging, interesting and exciting while celebrating each child as part of our Milburn family and taking pride in their own and others' achievements

A focus on developing

Our unique school benefits from a lead teacher and skilled teaching assistant who ensure that each child has a secure understanding of reading, writing and maths as well as a broad curriculum with rich and memorable experiences.   Our teacher to child ratio means we can tailor learning to ensure each child is nutured academically and socially. 

Enabling all to excel

Our small size enables us to ensure that every child is valued and learning experiences are personalised to meet their interests and needs  But our size does not limit our expectations or aspirations.  We inspire and challenge our children to reach out and believe.  Our small number means every child has the opportunity to excel.

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 Executive Headteacher Welcome

Welcome to Milburn Primary School.  Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in our school. We are a unique school in a beautiful setting that enables children to learn, grow and develop. 

The children at Milburn are able to enjoy learning through activities in the classroom, educational visits, using our Forest Schools area and excellent teacher to child ratios.  Our school also offers Flexi places for children and families that require a more flexible approach to education, combining home schooling and traditional education (for more info click here)

We believe schools should be at the heart of their community and community lunches, bonfire night and Christmas events involve our children and people from Milburn and beyond, giving the children a sense of purpose and confidence.

Our small, family atmosphere and approach enables us to be flexible to meet every child's needs, but also those of our families.  If dropping off or collecting at normal school times is a problem, let us know and we can help.  Education is a partnership and we want the very best for our children.

Our school also works closely with Beaconside Church of England Primary School (Penrith) and the children visit one day a week to receive expert teaching in PE, Music and French. 

If you would like to visit our school, please contact us to arrange a visit. We would love to show you our amazing school and our wonderful children.


We look forward to meeting you.

Mr Nick Page (Executive Headteacher)