Milburn Primary School & Nursery

Activity Charges


  • The admission of a child to Milburn School and the formal curriculum offered to a registered pupil is not subject to charge or the parents' willingness to make a voluntary contribution.

  • Governors wish to see the curriculum enriched as far as possible for the benefit of all pupils. They recognise that whatever public funds are made available they will never be sufficient to fund all desirable activities at the required level.

They therefore reserve the right to:

  1. Charge parents for activities offered as an optional extra, wholly or mainly outside school hours.
  2. Reclaim from parents the cost of wasted examination fees, willful breakages and damage.
  3. Draw to the attention of parents activities organised by a third party, thereby giving parents the opportunity to request leave of absence for their children during the school day to join those activities. In those circumstances, charges may well be levied by the third party.
  4. Seek voluntary contributions from parents to fund activities either within or outside school hours and to provide incidentals, e.g. books and equipment.
  5. Request parents to voluntarily provide incidental equipment e.g. pens, pencils and rulers.
  6. Charge parents at cost, or in kind, for materials if parents have agreed in advance to own a finished product.
  • At the time when any such activity is organised, all parents should be advised that anyone in receipt of family credit or income support is entitled to claim remission charges for board and lodging on residential visits that are not optional extras.