Milburn Primary School & Nursery

About Us

Milburn School is a very special place and truly unique.  We are privileged to work and learn in a wonderful small school setting that enables children to develop socially, emotionally and academically with a love for learning and the skills to excel throughout their lives.

Our beautiful setting means the village green is our playground and views across the Cumbrian countryside are the background to our learning and play.  Situated at the northern end of the Green, there has been a school in the village since at least the 18th century and the present building was constructed in 1851 replacing an earlier, thatched one which was burnt down in 1850. Originally it consisted of just one room designed to accommodate up to 55 pupils under the control of a single teacher. At this time children would generally stay at the school until they reached leaving age – by 1911 this was age 14.


As a small school with small class numbers our children are able to experience :

  • Personalised teaching, support and intervention in line with their interests and needs
  • Experience real collaborative learning through mixed aged teaching
  • Excellent sporting/creative/musical opportunities, both at Milburn and with our partner schools and cluster of schools
  • Outdoor activities on our doorstep with our large forest schools area

Our children benefit from a family orientated ethos, where they are encouraged to reach out and believe and become caring, understanding members of the community and the world beyond.

Our children leave Milburn with pride and confidence, ready to take the next step in their lives.  While at Milburn they develop positive attitudes and excellent behaviour.

Our dedicated and talented team of staff, work in partnership with parents and the community to provide the best for the children in our care. The small pupil numbers mean that our children benefit from high levels of individual support and interact confidently across age groups.  Together we strive to ensure the children have a broad experience by providing exciting learning opportunities.

The children also benefit from excellent IT facilities - virtual reality headsets that bring learning to life, SAM Labs coding kits, as well as laptops and tablets that enable up to date learning.  These are alongside the natural resources and facilities on our doorstep.

We are very proud of our school and children. We are always happy to welcome visitors and prospective children and families.  Come and see what learning in a small school is all about.

Our Mission

Together we inspire and challenge children to develop socially, emotionally and academically with a love for learning and the skills to excel throughout their lives

How is this unique to Milburn Primary School?

A love of learning

Every child is unique with their own talents, personalities and interests.  Our small school ensures we are able to make learning engaging, interesting and exciting while celebrating each child as part of our family and taking pride in their own and others achievements.  We know each child in depth and can unlock their interests and passions.

A focus on development

Our unique school benefits from a lead teacher and skilled classroom teacher and  teaching assistant who ensure that each child has a secure understanding of reading, writing and maths as well as a broad curriculum with rich and memorable experiences.   Our teacher to child ratio means we can tailor learning to ensure each child is nurtured academically and socially. 

Enabling all to excel

Our small size enables us to ensure that every child is valued and learning and experiences are personalised to meet their interests and needs.  But our size does not mean we limit our expectations or aspirations.  We inspire and challenge our children to reach out and believe.  Our small number means we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel.

Our Vision

What do we want for children at the end of their unique Milburn learning experience?

Our vision is for children to go on to the next stage of their life as:

  • Intelligent & Articulate learners with the knowledge and skills for leading a successful life
  • Enterprising & active learners that are willing to take risks and explore our diverse world
  • Open Minded & outward looking learners that can respond to challenge and believe anything is possible
  • Empowered & Resilient learners that are passionate, well rounded and strive for success

Our Values

Collaboration – understanding and trusting each other and working together to achieve our goals

Caring – acting in a way that shows care and understanding for others

Self-Belief – believing in ourselves, having the courage to take risks and do what we believe is right

Creativity – having a positive attitude to finding solution to the problems we come across

Perseverance – showing effort and determination to continue overcoming barriers or problems


Our Core Behaviours

Growing relationships – to grow relationships with each other, children and parents, we act to understand ourselves and others, giving time and patience to build trust.

Making a difference – we always act to make a difference to children in our school through working together to consistently be the best we can be, enjoying the struggle of improvement and learning.