Milburn Primary School & Nursery

Summer Term

D-Day 2024 - 80years

On 6th June we learnt all about D Day as it was the 80th Anniversary.

Science: The Human Circulatory System

We did our first exploring of the circulation system and learnt how our heart rate increases when we do exercise. We recorded this scientifically on a graph and could see how quickly our heart rate returned to the resting rate. 

Science: The Human Circulatory System

We used plasticine and labels to show that we understand the different roles of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins. 

Art: Barbara Hepworth

We are studying the life, art and sculpture of Barbara Hepworth.  We are experimenting with plasticine to create our own maquettes based on the techniques that she used in her work. We are particularly trying to include holes in our work that lets the observer see inside and through the sculpture to the nature beyond. 

We experimented with various clay tools to create textures as Barbara Hepworth did in her sculptures. 

We have designed our final maquette inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth and have created these first using plasticine. 

Our final sculptures, created with clay, all presented on a plinth as Barbara Hepworth so often did. We learnt to use 'slip and score' to attach our sculpture to the plinth securely. 

Spring Term


In this project, we combined our new skills with recording on a green screen with comparing and editing maps from different eras on Digi map for Schools. 

Penrith and Eden Museum

We learnt all about the Stone Age in our local area of Eden today, looking at fossils from prehistoric times and the different climate changes in Eden - we even saw a dinosaur footprint! We then handled lots of artefacts and replicas of the tools that would have been used. We finished with looking at the markings on Long Meg at Little Salkeld - a Neolithic stone circle that is believed to have been be some kind of signpost for travelling hunter-gatherers. 

Computing: Coding

The Oaks had lots of fun meeting the micro:bits! They explored the tiny computers, made a simple code which they downloaded to their micro:bit and each had a rolling name badge by the end of the session. 

Each week our coding has progressed. We have learned to use the accelerometer on the micro:bit to create a step counter!

We used the light sensor and logic inputs on the micro:bit to make a night light that only came on in certain light conditions. 


Evolution and Adaptation

In our work on Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection we learnt about the different breeds of finches who had adapted to their environments and food sources in the Galapagos Islands. We used prediction and testing, using 'tool beaks' and 'food sources' to understand the way these different birds had adapted to survive. 

World Book Day

Our favourite books. 

Autumn Term

Architect Visit

Lee Page, a local architect took us around the village, showing us the projects he had designed and helping us to see the real life versions of the front elevations that he had created. He talked to us about his work and answered lots of questions which helped us to understand the job of an architect.  This was a great launch into our topic on the award-winning architect Dame Zaha Hadid. 

Penrith Beekeepers Association Visit

We learnt about different types of bees and how their bodies are designed for their specific roles in the bee colony. We also learnt why particular flowers are 'bee friendly'. 

Forest School - Shelter Building

Building shelters using tarpaulins and sticks - a very useful survival skill. 

Supporting Members of the Community

We enjoyed helping out a local resident by planting bulbs for her to enjoy in her garden. 

Electrical Circuits 

We used the knowledge we had gained about electrical circuits to make a buzz wire game. We shaped our wire as the outline of fells surrounding Milburn and used wires, crocodile clips, bulbs and batteries to make games that worked. 

United Utilities - All About Water Visit

The lady from United Utilities shared some great tips to encourage us to save water and to keep our water systems safe and unpolluted. We even got to be 'pretend toilets' to see what happens to different items that people foolishly flush away. 

Eden Camp

D&T Cooking - Healthy Pizza

We made our own lunch today following a pitta pizza recipe and, of course, included a nice salad on the side!

Action Ants - Archery

Science - Habitats

D&T Cooking - Pies