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Milburn School Outline of Expenditure for Pupils in Receipt of Pupil Premium (September 2017)

 What is Pupil Premium? Pupils who are “Looked After” or who are in receipt of Free School Meals (or have been over the previous six years) are allocated an amount of money by the government. This is paid into the school budget and the school is accountable to Ofsted for how this money is spent. These pupils do not necessarily have special educational needs (SEN) but they are considered to be a “vulnerable” group.

Currently, 14.3% of pupils at Milburn are in receipt of Pupil Premium. Last academic year this figure was 11.1%  including Early Years. These pupils progress well at our school, in line with in-house targets and matched against national expectations for this vulnerable group. Milburn uses the Education Endowment Foundation to support and guide funding for this group of pupils (as it does for all vulnerable groups) http://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/ Many of the suggestions made by the Foundation are part of our whole-school ethos and underpin our everyday practice, e.g. learning to learn, pupil responsibility for learning, highly structured feedback, and peer work and support. The chart below gives specific information (without detailing pupils) about the particular issues for our pupils who are in this vulnerable group, the actions we have taken and the expected impact that these actions will have. Actual impact will be measured as part of the school’s evaluation process at the end of the academic year when further actions will be decided to maximise their potential. The school will also investigate further how to assess progress in hard to measure aspects such as pupil attitudes. Progress for these pupils is monitored by the class teacher and the Senior Leadership Team.

 Detailed plans, actions, monitoring of impact and data analysis are kept as confidential records in school to maintain anonymity

At the end of the 2016-17 academic year, Pupil Premium results were measured against nation expectations, with the following results:


Above national expectation

At national expectation

Below national expectation















Issues for our Pupil Premium children


Expected impact

Actual impact

Limited range of life- enriching life experiences

Funding school trips and residentials. Signposting to, and supporting attendance at, a wider range of opportunities (clubs, sports activities, etc.)

Provision of experiences to talk and write about. Development of “whole child” and awareness of curriculum strengths

Children accessed this support in the last year. It allowed them to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities as well as enhance cultural awareness not possible in school.

Raise the standard of teaching and learning through the effective deployment of staff.


Consider training needs for intervention packages.


Use EEF data to look at best use of TA’s


Deliver intervention packages.

Children will meet national expectations for their age.

Staffing in the school was high which enabled the curriculum to be tailored to the needs of individual children who made national expectations.

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